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Pete Finnigan's Database Security Website

Welcome to my database security website. First let me summarize my other interests and sites. My main interest is Oracle Security which I have researched for many years and been published extensively on. To summarize my main interests are Security, Oracle Security in particular, database's in general. One of my other interests is web development, which I have come into mainly due to building and maintaining my Oracle Security website. My off-topic website is also available as is my programming, scripting, computer books and Open source site.

In this site I plan to extend my knowledge of database security from a base of Oracle security to encompass other database software packages. From a higher level the security of any database and hence the data within it can be treated as a similar problem space. Each software package is of course different so the actual technical details of securing them are different. But the basic problems are the same. I plan to explore this here but I will segregate each database softwares technical details so that users of each package will not be swamped with details of issues with other packages. This site will include several sub sites listed here. Initially this will include Oracle, MySQL and MS SQL Server:

As with my other sites there is also a plan to add a blog here. In fact the blog will be the mainstay of this site along with links to papers, tools and whatever else I find useful. This site though will be the main portal entry for all Database Security. In each individual site you will find product specific details. Each will include a blog. The Oracle Security Blog has already been running for quite some time. I will add blogs for the others as soon as possible. There will also be a blog on this main Database Security page which will summarize the blog entries for the individual products. There will also be generic papers and information here where it applies to Database Security in general.

NEW I have added a new board to my forums to enable anyone to discuss database security in general where the question or observation is not specific to any particular database. My Database Security Forum is here.