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October 2007

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10/03/2007: "SQL Injection cheat sheet"

Today I found a nice SQL Injection cheat sheet for MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgeSQL and Oracle. The paper is quite comprehensive and covers a good spread of types of SQL injection attacks. Its also quite good that it tries to compare some of the attacks across different types of databases. If you primarily use SQL Server then take a look. The paper is called "SQL Injection Cheat Sheet".

Replies: 3 Comments

on Thursday, February 26th, Pete Finnigan said


gud day my friend..
im having a thesis and it tackles about SQL injection on MS SQL Server and MYSQL

I will compare between the two if there are any differences in attacking SQL injections

my friend,, can i ask some help or any opinion from you?

on Monday, March 23rd, Pete Finnigan said

Thanks for your comment, drop me an email with your questions.



on Thursday, August 20th, Pete Finnigan said

Very interesting paper. It is sad how many sites are actually vulnerable to those types of injections. People need to pay more attention to security..