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October 2005

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Home » Archives » October 2005 » Dave Campbell Keynote at SQL PASS

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10/01/2005: "Dave Campbell Keynote at SQL PASS"

I came across Don Kiely's post to his blog called "Dave Campbell Keynote at SQL PASS" which talks about David Campbells keynote at SQL PASS which talks about moving to SQL Server 2005 and one of the key things he focussed on was trusted platform and security features. Don summarises the keynote and I noted the on-stage live demo of upgrading to 2005 and Don's comment about what security state will that leave the database in was quite good. The last paragraph is the mention of security features. 2005 includes a demo of using a smart card as an encryption key which can allow per user encryption of data. I am not convinced as to how useful that would be in real applications. How segregated would the data need to be so that each user could only encrypt/decrypt their own data? Don also goes on to talk about some of the issues with smart card key storage.